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    EnviroMax Bifenthrin 100SC

    EnviroMax quality results in superior performance. Our Bifenthrin 100SC is a powerful water-based termiticide & insecticide.

    Key Features

    • More uniform particle size distribution.
    • More consistent active content.
    • Less persistent foam, < 20mL 1 minute after mixing.
    • EnviroMax® Technologies develop, test and manufacture all SC formulations in accordance with ISO9001 and GMP
    • Binds strongly to treated soil - Australia's most persistent termiticide. (please see label)

    Competitive Benefit

    • No sedimentation or blocked Nozzles.
    • Better Bifenthrin coverage when applying.
    • Product remains suspended for longer.
    • Consistent Quality of Products is our guarantee.

    Target Pests

    Termites Ticks Wasps
    Cockroaches Files Ants
    Spiders Mosquitoes Fleas

    Download the SDS here.

    Download Brochure for Enviromax Bifenthrin 100SC here.

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